Hoping back on the workout bandwagon!

So, an admission on guilt here, I have fallen off the workout wagon…I don’t know what my problem has been…I think Chris being gone for six weeks and just getting back on Friday put me in an unmotivated slump. However, I will prevail and get back on the workout wagon! I started today with some crunches and pushups and it felt good to get moving again! I have been considering doing fitfluentials diet bet but I don’t want to lose any money! I think that’s the point, you know money as a motivation! Anyways, breakfast was a bowl on fruit filled shredded wheat with nonfat milk..yum! And my workout looked like this…



Now it’s off to work! On a side note, Chris and I still haven’t found a house…:( but it’s out there somewhere we just need to keep looking! But it’s getting darn frustrating!

What do you do to get motivated and stay motivated?
Do you feel guilty when you don’t workout?


Best place to do vacation research?! And my workout!

So like I said yesterday I am heading to Bangor, ME on Friday for a mini vacation and last night I was trying to do a little research and figure out what to do up there for three days. Chris and I have already planned our restaurants out but what to do in between eating is the question! I started using tripadvisor.com which is also an app as well as a web page. I really like it because you can enter the city and state and them once you do that it breaks it up into categories.

What to eat, what to see and where to stay! You can click on the recommendations and see actual reviews which I especially liked! Although there is not a lot to do up in Bangor in the winter except for freeze your butt off, I think we will figure something out! If anything well just camp out in the hot tub at the hotel for three days!

This morning I had to wake up to help a friend out by watching her son until his daddy gets out of work at 8:30 AM! Followed by an awesome workout! My resistance to running is definitely getting a lot better. I’m not fatigued after five minutes which is awesome and it really lets me know that this program is working!


Also, my friends (the ones I babysat this morning for) just got a Great Dane puppy named talula and she is adorable but huge! She’s only three months old!


Off to work I go! Only until 5! Great short day! 🙂

Short night, long days!

I’ve been very scarce lately on posting my meals and workout but I promise I’m still eating good and working out, it seems like my nights have gotten short and my work days are getting longer! But at least I have a job! This weekend though, I will be traveling up to Maine (4 hours away) and visiting Chris who is staying up there for business! I’m really excited because there are some awesome restaurants that I have been drying to try since he’s been up there! It’s like a little mini vacation for me! His hotel even has a alt water pool, how cool is that?!
Since Chris has been away, meals have not been terribly exciting because I don’t have to cook for anyone but myself so I typically get home late from work and make something really quick and then go to sleep…
I have been spending a lot of time on the site Little Black Bag because it’s awesome and you get to trade items in your little black bag until you’re happy with you little black bag and then they ship it to you…I still have five days of trading but I love all of the items in my bag :). Take a look at what’s in my little black bag here!
I have also been spending a lot of my time on the website called Posh Mark. It’s actually an apple app and you can buy and sell designer clothing on it which is great because there are so many things I need to get rid of and I don’t have a consignment shop near by! You can check out what I’m selling by clicking here!

As far as working out is going I sort of feel like I’m in a slump…I have been following the couch to 5k app and it is only three days a week for running and I sort of feel like I need to do more cardio than just that if I want to loose more weight! I have been losing about a pound every week or so but I just need a little more! I wish I was a member of a gym so I could take some fun classes that I’m always reading about!

Well….it’s off to bed for me! I have to go watch the cutest little man ever tomorrow morning at 6AM!

How is your week going…even though it is only Monday?!
Have you ever sold your used clothes online? Poshmark?
Have you ever signed up for a subscription service?

Wedding locations!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with the cutest little man in the world! Chris’ godson Aiden! He slept most of the time, he’s a year and two months but he is the cutest! He says meow now and it is the funniest thing I have ever heard! For lunch I had some butternut soup from Trader Joes with croutons…yummy! After Aiden left I had some chicken sausage and turkey bacon stir fry which was awesome!

After dinner I had to run to the store to buy my brother K-Cups for his birthday because my parents bought him a mini kuerig!! And then get gas because I was coming to my parents house early today to look at a wedding reception location and celebrate my brothers birthday! After doing my errands I hit up the gym with my new iPhone arm band! It was a great workout! I’m gradually getting into running longer and longer lengths of time!



My legs are killing me this morning, nothing a good stretch can’t fix!

This morning I was up at 5am because I had to drive out to visit my parents who live 2 hours away so my mom and I could go take a look at a wedding venue and also we are celebrating my brothers 26th birthday! It was a whopping 10 degrees this morning when I left!

Any who, I’m pretty much in love with this location for the reception! It is so rustic and I love it!




It was freezing in the barn because it has been winterized but it really is beautiful! There is also a cute patio, covered in snow, that we have have as well for the reception!

Welp, on to celebrations!

What degrees was it when you woke up this morning?

Warmth! …just kidding!

This morning was so nice and warm outside…. Oh no just kidding, that’s what I wish it was! Anyways…it was 0.5 degrees when I headed to the gym! Yup that’s right a whole half degree! I thought my eye lids were going to freeze open!


At least I can say it don’t stop me from going to the gym! On today’s agenda for working out was running/ walking. I can feel myself getting more tolerant of running longer even if the running portion is only for 3 minute increments with walking in between. Honestly back at the beginning of January I probably wouldn’t have succeeded in running more than a minute at a time!

This ended up being 2.10 miles! So I felt pretty good about it after I was done! Can’t wait to reach my final week 10 workout and see how far I have come!

Once I got back to my apartment I cleaned the kitchen that I have been ignoring for the past few days and made breakfast!


One egg, three pieces of bacon (I ate one before the picture because it just looked so darn good!), and I was out of bread so I cut a pita in half and toasted it with butter on top! For a drink I had a bolt house farms mocha cappuccino shake! I hate coffee but this tastes like melted coffee ice cream which is my favorite! And it had lost of protein!

Last night Chris and I logged onto our realtors site and narrowed down some of the houses at we’re in our cart…we find some of the most beautiful and perfect houses and then look at the location and it is right next to a highway or on a river…ugh! We WILL find our dream home but I’m so sick of looking already! Hahah

Check back later for a post about Bzzagent, a product testing site that I’m a part of! Its a lot of fun and you get to try great products for free!

Early to bed…early to rise?!

Early to bed, early to rise is not the case in my book! I do enjoy my sleep especially when I don’t have to work until noon! Right now, at 8:45pm I am sitting in my bed debating on actually going to sleep but I feel that would make me rather unproductive so I think I will just continue with my book the secret keeper!

I had an extremely short day at work today which is unusual but greatly appreciated! Before I headed to work I had a grilled cheese and a bowl of homemade french onion soup! (I was too hungry to take a pic)

Also, before I headed in to work I had a snack of carrot sticks and spinach and artichoke hummus. I had never seen this flavor before but I had to try it! It is fantastic! I love spinach artichoke cheese dip but this is much healthier!


When I got home I had a similar snack, tortilla chips with the same hummus. The hummus is made by cedars and the chips are made by food should taste good which is one of my favorite brands! They tortillas were olive flavor and they were awesome! I had never tried those either…it was a day of firsts!


Onto dinner, it was totally simple and spur of the moment. I had some left over chicken tenders that I tossed in panko breading and shredded cheese and baked those along with some oven roasted mushrooms, brussels sprouts, and corn. It was all very delicious and simple! I even have plenty leftover for tomorrows lunch!

Excuse the picture I was about half way through before I decided I should take a picture! Also, when I was much younger I loved eating honey on my chicken nuggets, I tried it again tonight and wondered why I ever stopped!

Off to read my book! If you haven’t read the post about Nature Box that I posted early make sure to! Very cool site and if you send me an email I can get you $5 off your first order!

Have you ever tried something again that you use to eat all the time and wonder why you ever stopped?