Hoping back on the workout bandwagon!

So, an admission on guilt here, I have fallen off the workout wagon…I don’t know what my problem has been…I think Chris being gone for six weeks and just getting back on Friday put me in an unmotivated slump. However, I will prevail and get back on the workout wagon! I started today with some crunches and pushups and it felt good to get moving again! I have been considering doing fitfluentials diet bet but I don’t want to lose any money! I think that’s the point, you know money as a motivation! Anyways, breakfast was a bowl on fruit filled shredded wheat with nonfat milk..yum! And my workout looked like this…



Now it’s off to work! On a side note, Chris and I still haven’t found a house…:( but it’s out there somewhere we just need to keep looking! But it’s getting darn frustrating!

What do you do to get motivated and stay motivated?
Do you feel guilty when you don’t workout?