Bzz Agent! Schick Hydro and Glade!

I absolutely love being able to try new products for free and being able to give a review about them! I joined the site in order to be able to try new products and give a meaningful review that companies are actually paying for! 


This month I am reviewing Schick Hydro razors. I have used these razors prior to this review and I absolutely love them! There is nothing worse than using a razor that just cuts up your legs and leaves them feeling dry! This razor is the total opposite! I absolutely love how my legs feel when I am done using this! I gave one of these razors to my mom a few months ago and this weekend when she was visiting I gave her another and some refills and you would have thought I had given her gold! We absolutely love these razors and I love that I can get them for pretty cheap with a sale and a coupon! 

The next product I am reviewing I haven’t had a chance to purchase yet but I have a coupon for free items for these! 



I have actually tried the air spray and love the tropical one but haven’t had a chance to try the Oil Diffuser yet! The air spray smells absolutely wonderful and totally masks any nasty smells in the air!

I highly recommend if you enjoy testing new products to check out! You won’t regret it!


Love getting mail! And…a giveaway!!

Is it just me or does receiving mail just make your day that much better?! I honestly get excited opening my mail box every day! Especially after today’s cold and snowy day I needed a pick me up! When I opened my mail box it was stuffed full of stuff! And it even had a note that I had ANOTHER package to pick up at the club house that wouldn’t fit in the mail box!

So my first piece of mail that I was excited about was a bzzagent package that I was waiting for! I talked about what bzzagent was in this post. This campaign is a Schick hydro silk razor! So this package included one Schick razor, two razor heads, EIGHT $5/1 Schick razor coupons (awesome), and a booklet about the razor!

I use this razor everyday so it’s not going to be too hard for me to state my opinion in this but I definitely recommend this razor to anyone who hasn’t tried it! It is a little pricey but I find that it lasts me quite a while!

The next piece of mail that I received is my giveaway!! I am so excited to be able to give my readers a giveaway when I have only been blogging less than a month! And this way people can be just as excited as me to get some mail in their mail boxes!
So…I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful lady over at Jamberry Nails to bring you, my readers, this awesome giveaway! If you aren’t sure what Jamberry Nails are then here is a little bit about them!

The picture below are the styles that the winners are going to get to choose from!

The five styles are: birds, color leopard, blue stripe, plaid, and hearts!





So there you have it ladies (and gents), five lucky winners will have the chance to try these fancy nail shields out! There are five different styles that you can choose from and it is first come first served but trust me that they are all very cute!

So…below you have FIVE chances to win! Each time you complete a task is one step closer to you winning! Have fun! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! click the link below and follow the tasks for each chance to enter!

Jamberry Nail Giveaway

*please note that I can only send out to winner in the United States! Thanks for your understanding!

Have fun! 🙂


What is bzzagent?

Well, it’s pronounced buzz agent and what you do is take surveys to find out if certain products are for you and if you qualify for a certain product you will join a campaign…once you’re in a campaign you receive free products or coupons for products to try and give your honest opinion. Your opinion is then relayed to the manufacturer. I have participated in some awesome campaigns and gotten some really great products!

My first campaign was a Dr. Orteker pizza campaign… For this one I received (2) coupons for free pizzas to try and then rate for the manufacturer! These pizzas were awesome and now we have gotten rid of any other frozen pizza brand and replaced them with these! Small but delicious!


I’ve also participated in an Afrin campaign, a Stella Artois campaign (no free beer but an awesome Stella glass)!

Currently I was just asked to join a Shick Hydro Silk campaign and a Glade Expressions campaign which means more free products to test! Also, I’m in a Neutrogena lotions campaign right now and the lotion is awesome! Considering I have some of the driest skin around!

So if you here me mention bzzagent, this is why! Its an awesome site and it gives great feedback to the manufacturers of these products!

Check out there site here!