Thrift Shopping!

I absolutely love shopping but what I love more than shopping is getting an awesome deal! I think working at TJ Maxx for 3 years sort of corrupt me and now I don’t want to pay more than $5 for a shirt or $10 for designer jeans! Working in retail allowed me to get the best deals on clearance items because I always saw them first! So this past weekend I had been watching some YouTube videos about peoples thrift hauls and decided to hit up my local goodwill stores! I actually found some awesome things! Of course there are plenty of things that I would never buy at goodwill but I can always find brand new items or items that look hardly worn! I took these pictures before I dropped them off at the dry cleaners (because of course you always want to get your clothes professionally cleaned before you wear them, from a thrift shop).

So onto my items!

Awesome sheer Ann Taylor shirt! It was only $4.99!

Awesome sheer Ann Taylor shirt! It was only $4.99!

Beautiful Calvin Klein shirt, comes with a double wrap around belt! I absolutely love the color and it will be perfect for Spring! Only $7.99!

Beautiful Calvin Klein shirt, comes with a double wrap around belt! I absolutely love the color and it will be perfect for Spring! Only $7.99!

Brand New Calvin Klein three quarters coat! Perfect white for spring! Only $9.99! The tag from the boutique that it was at says $129.50! That's just crazy!

Brand New Calvin Klein three quarters coat! Perfect white for spring! Only $9.99! The tag from the boutique that it was at says $129.50! That’s just crazy!

The tag on the Calvin Klein Coat that says the boutique was selling it for $129.50! That's just crazy!

The tag on the Calvin Klein Coat that says the boutique was selling it for $129.50! That’s just crazy!


So needless to say, don’t pass up thrift shopping! You can get some awesome deals, especially if you like brand names and don’t want to spend all that money!


What is your best thrift find? 

Do you like to hunt for good deals?


Little Black Bag….unboxing!

I was so excited a few days ago when I received my Little Black Bag “box” in the mail! Although I did not actually get a little black bag I did get an awesome bag for the spring! If you want to learn a little bit about Little Black Bag read about it here. Also, if you would like to sign up for little black bag click here.

So lets get to my box!


Little Black Bag Box!


Little Black Bag Box!


Opening the little black bag box! Everything is individually wrapped!


This ring was cute but it felt really cheap so I sent it back and when I open another bag tomorrow, I will have an extra item in this months bag!


This was my “main” item and I didn’t trade it at all! I absolutely loveeeee this bag! It is so big and is so great for spring and even fall! Alice and Olivia is great quality too!



I absolutely love this necklace! I have no idea when I will wear this but I had to have it! It retailed around $60!


I really like this bracelet when I first saw it but I returned it because it hung funny on my wrist and wasn’t practical for my wardrobe!

So that is my little black bag unboxing and I have to tell you I will absolutely be continuing with this subscription box service! I love shopping but being able to trade items is a whole lot of fun! If you have some extra money or are looking for a gift for yourself this is an awesome gift! If you have any questions about the site feel free to ask!

Bzz Agent! Schick Hydro and Glade!

I absolutely love being able to try new products for free and being able to give a review about them! I joined the site in order to be able to try new products and give a meaningful review that companies are actually paying for! 


This month I am reviewing Schick Hydro razors. I have used these razors prior to this review and I absolutely love them! There is nothing worse than using a razor that just cuts up your legs and leaves them feeling dry! This razor is the total opposite! I absolutely love how my legs feel when I am done using this! I gave one of these razors to my mom a few months ago and this weekend when she was visiting I gave her another and some refills and you would have thought I had given her gold! We absolutely love these razors and I love that I can get them for pretty cheap with a sale and a coupon! 

The next product I am reviewing I haven’t had a chance to purchase yet but I have a coupon for free items for these! 



I have actually tried the air spray and love the tropical one but haven’t had a chance to try the Oil Diffuser yet! The air spray smells absolutely wonderful and totally masks any nasty smells in the air!

I highly recommend if you enjoy testing new products to check out! You won’t regret it!

Yikes… two weeks since a post! Update!

Wowza! My last post was on February 9th, life really hasn’t been that crazy but every time I went to sit down to do a post I just wasn’t feeling like I had anything interesting to say or write about! Anyways a brief summary of what I’ve been up to…
I fell off the gym routine this past weekend because Chris came home and we had so much to do, Friday we had three houses to look at and we think we may have found “the one”…Saturday we took his parents to this wonderful (and expensive) German restaurant for their 20th wedding anniversary. Sunday I had to work and now Chris is back on travel but will thankfully be back in two weeks for good…hopefully!
I did pick up this months book club book for Julies book club for this month but I haven’t been able to crack into it yet. If you aren’t sure what Julies book club is all about check it out here…I participated last month and it was a lot of fun!

I’m also expecting my “little black bag” to come through tomorrow so when it does I will d

Received my Nature Box! …and packing!

hi guys!
Yesterday I got home around 8:50 pm and opened my mail box to find that I had a package to pick up at the club house which closes at 9:00pm so I had to run up there to grab my box! I made it just in time and I’m so excited to try these snacks! If you don’t know what Nature Box is check out my post about it here! Here are a few pictures of what I got!


Snack Card (details what snack you received in you Nature Box)


Berry Bunch


Ranch Peas


Masa Chips


Citrus Crunch Granola


Cranberry Almond Bites

The snacks are ranch peas, cranberry almond bites, citrus granola, masa chips, and berry bunch! I’m so excited to crack these open and give them a try! I’m headed up to Maine today to be with Chris so I will be bringing them along so we can try them!

In other news… I hate packing! I don’t like having to plan outfits! I prefer to have a whole closet of clothes to pick from in case my mood changes, which apparently I think influences what I wear! I’m headed up to Maine tonight instead of tomorrow because the North East is expecting like two feet of snow and I really don’t want to be caught in it! So I should get to Maine around midnight! I’m excited to swim in the salt water pool they have!

Do you hate packing?
What makes packing easier for you?
Have you traveled lately?

The Proposal!

I thought I would give you guys a little insight into how Chris proposed to me almost a year ago! Honestly I don’t remember much I just remember him getting down on one knee with a blue Tacori box in his hand! 

It was May 12, 2012 and I had just finished working my first overnight shift for a job that I absolutely hated (luckily I no longer work there). I was working about an hour away from home so after taking a long bus ride home at 8AM, I got home and could not sleep…because my body was not adjusted to going to sleep at 8AM! So Chris had asked me if I wanted to go to his favorite park which is somewhat near our apartment. I said sure why not, I can’t sleep anyways and it was a beautiful sunny day! I hadn’t showered and my hair was a mess but honestly I didn’t think anything of a trip to the park so I figured I had no one to impress anyways!

Here is a picture of the park, it has a huge dam that you can walk along. Image

Anyways, we walk along the dam and there is this beautiful hawk flying above us and it was just a really nice day. Chris started talking about how much he loved me and how much I had been there for him recently because while we were at the gym his locker was broken into and some very important items for his work were taken, along with a gold cross necklace, his wallet, and his cell phone. It was a very hard time for us but we got through it so I didn’t think anything of his ramblings until he got down on one knee and proposed to me with the most beautiful ring I could have imagined! Shockingly I didn’t cry…I actually asked him if he was serious and then he joked with me about how he has bad knees and he wouldn’t be down on one knee if he didn’t have to be! 

We walked all the way to the end of the dam and sat down on a picnic table where he filled me in with all the details about how he told me he had to go and travel for work but in all actuality he had just gone to ask my Dad if he could marry me… of course I was clueless! Chris had also told me that he went to the bank to take out money for my ring the day that his locker was broken into but he decided to leave it with his parents instead of taking it in his backpack to the gym…that still gives me goosebumps every time I think about it. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and this just makes me believe it even more. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if he had not left that money with his parents… ugh! Anyways after the proposal we each called our parents and my mom was in the car driving and she had to pull over because she began crying! Oops! We raced home after we were done at the park because I needed to shower so I could go and get my ring sized! We went to the jeweler and left the ring for less than an hour while they sized it! I didn’t want to take it off even for that hour but I also didn’t want it to fall off! 


So there you have it! A simple proposal but I will always remember that park and the thoughtful and caring words Chris used to make me feel so special! 🙂 I’m going to bring him to “our” park this year on the anniversary of our proposal for a picnic, he just doesn’t know it yet!

Jamberry Nails!…again! :)

Hey everyone! Hope your Friday is flying by and your excited for your weekend! I received an email from Erin over at Jamberry Nails and she let me know that anyone who orders from my blog can select Healthy Epiphany at check out! That way she knows where the traffic is coming from! These nail shields are B3G1 free and would make awesome gifts! I have personally tried them out at they are awesome! They stay on through dish washing and showering which is great because I hate having to paint my nails a few times a week! Don’t forget about my giveaway! You can read more about it here! Jamberry Nail Giveaway!>

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @healthyepiphany

Love getting mail! And…a giveaway!!

Is it just me or does receiving mail just make your day that much better?! I honestly get excited opening my mail box every day! Especially after today’s cold and snowy day I needed a pick me up! When I opened my mail box it was stuffed full of stuff! And it even had a note that I had ANOTHER package to pick up at the club house that wouldn’t fit in the mail box!

So my first piece of mail that I was excited about was a bzzagent package that I was waiting for! I talked about what bzzagent was in this post. This campaign is a Schick hydro silk razor! So this package included one Schick razor, two razor heads, EIGHT $5/1 Schick razor coupons (awesome), and a booklet about the razor!

I use this razor everyday so it’s not going to be too hard for me to state my opinion in this but I definitely recommend this razor to anyone who hasn’t tried it! It is a little pricey but I find that it lasts me quite a while!

The next piece of mail that I received is my giveaway!! I am so excited to be able to give my readers a giveaway when I have only been blogging less than a month! And this way people can be just as excited as me to get some mail in their mail boxes!
So…I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful lady over at Jamberry Nails to bring you, my readers, this awesome giveaway! If you aren’t sure what Jamberry Nails are then here is a little bit about them!

The picture below are the styles that the winners are going to get to choose from!

The five styles are: birds, color leopard, blue stripe, plaid, and hearts!





So there you have it ladies (and gents), five lucky winners will have the chance to try these fancy nail shields out! There are five different styles that you can choose from and it is first come first served but trust me that they are all very cute!

So…below you have FIVE chances to win! Each time you complete a task is one step closer to you winning! Have fun! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! click the link below and follow the tasks for each chance to enter!

Jamberry Nail Giveaway

*please note that I can only send out to winner in the United States! Thanks for your understanding!

Have fun! 🙂


What is bzzagent?

Well, it’s pronounced buzz agent and what you do is take surveys to find out if certain products are for you and if you qualify for a certain product you will join a campaign…once you’re in a campaign you receive free products or coupons for products to try and give your honest opinion. Your opinion is then relayed to the manufacturer. I have participated in some awesome campaigns and gotten some really great products!

My first campaign was a Dr. Orteker pizza campaign… For this one I received (2) coupons for free pizzas to try and then rate for the manufacturer! These pizzas were awesome and now we have gotten rid of any other frozen pizza brand and replaced them with these! Small but delicious!


I’ve also participated in an Afrin campaign, a Stella Artois campaign (no free beer but an awesome Stella glass)!

Currently I was just asked to join a Shick Hydro Silk campaign and a Glade Expressions campaign which means more free products to test! Also, I’m in a Neutrogena lotions campaign right now and the lotion is awesome! Considering I have some of the driest skin around!

So if you here me mention bzzagent, this is why! Its an awesome site and it gives great feedback to the manufacturers of these products!

Check out there site here!

Nature Box

Yesterday as I was checking through some facebook posts I noticed a sponsored ad for something called Nature Box.


 I clicked the link and read a little more about this company. Basically what they do is send you a box once a month for $19.95 and it include 5 healthy snacks for that entire month! I’m not usually one to buy into anything with a subscription but this has no catch! You can cancel at any time and I thought I would give it a try! 

Here’s a little excerpt I took from there web page:

  • 5 full-sized packages
  • Healthy snacks that taste great
  • Discover new snacks monthly!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, cancel anytime

That being said, Chris and I signed up and picked our five snacks for the month! You can also get a surprise box in which they send out five mystery snacks! 

We chose; sunshine chips, whole wheat figgy bars, all natural yogurt pretzels, pistachio power clusters, and wild berry bunch! I cannot wait to get my first box!! It’s going to be like Christmas Morning! 

If you are interested in signing up for this site as well send me an email at and I will send you a link so you can get $5 off your first months subscription!!