Snowed IN!

So after my post yesterday I headed out to try some shopping, I made it out to two stores and the got to the third and it was closed! Wahhh…the snow really didn’t come and hit us until after 11pm yesterday because when we woke up this is what it looked liked…please enjoy these snowy pictures!




These are all taken out of our hotel window, we haven’t gone out yet because we still have a blizzard warning until 7pm and nothing is open! We aren’t even sure what we are going to do for lunch! Ahhh!

Anyways, after shopping yesterday I met Chris for lunch at Amatos, my favorite sub restaurant! I got a small original italian.


We hung around the room until about 5pm yesterday and then headed out to a local Mexican restaurant…it was okay but I like the ones in our town better… it was lacking flavor for sure! After dinner we went to the grocery store because obviously if a blizzard is coming you need to have ice cream on hand! We bought Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake! It definintely made up for the fact that dinner was sub par! Also, we got two cookies at the front lobby! And hot chocolate because the hotel has a hot bar all the time!

This morning we woke up to 2 feet of snow and still snowing! We hit up the hotels breakfast buffet and have literally just been staying warm in our room until we decide to venture out! What I think is awesome is that the hotel gave all of their staff member and families rooms for the night so that the staff could actually be here for work today!
Here is breakfast from today, french toast sticks, bagel sandwich, fruit salad, maple sausage! Yum!


Did you get snow today?
Hows the weather where you are?


Blizzard Warning!

I hope all of you in the Northeast, like me, are getting ready to hunker down for the next couple of days as we get tackled with two feet of snow! And I thought it was going to be a mild winter…silly me! Right now I am sitting in Chris’ hotel room as he finishes up his work week! This morning I woke up around 7:30 and headed to the hotels gym, which I had all to myself! I really enjoyed this gym, even though it was small it had great equipment and a TV attached to every machine! I miss that, in college my freshman year they built a brand new recreation center with an indoor track and the equipment each had an individual TV attached! After my workout which looked like this…

I hit up the breakfast buffet! I had three turkey sausage links, a glass of apple juice, and a western omelet!

In a little while I’m going to head out and check out the shopping scene up here before the roads get too bad and then I’m going to meet Chris at my favorite sandwich shop, Amatos! Amatos has the most outrageous pickles you have ever tasted, and I am a pickle connoisseur! The really bad, blizzard conditions, aren’t supposed to start until about 7pm EST so we should be able to head out for dinner too! If not we will be walking across the street to the other hotels restaurant!

Stay warm everyone! I hope you didn’t have to go to the grocery store yesterday! I went just to pay my electric bill and it was mobbed!

Did you have to go to the grocery store yesterday?
Are you a Northerner? Are you ready for the storm?

Short night, long days!

I’ve been very scarce lately on posting my meals and workout but I promise I’m still eating good and working out, it seems like my nights have gotten short and my work days are getting longer! But at least I have a job! This weekend though, I will be traveling up to Maine (4 hours away) and visiting Chris who is staying up there for business! I’m really excited because there are some awesome restaurants that I have been drying to try since he’s been up there! It’s like a little mini vacation for me! His hotel even has a alt water pool, how cool is that?!
Since Chris has been away, meals have not been terribly exciting because I don’t have to cook for anyone but myself so I typically get home late from work and make something really quick and then go to sleep…
I have been spending a lot of time on the site Little Black Bag because it’s awesome and you get to trade items in your little black bag until you’re happy with you little black bag and then they ship it to you…I still have five days of trading but I love all of the items in my bag :). Take a look at what’s in my little black bag here!
I have also been spending a lot of my time on the website called Posh Mark. It’s actually an apple app and you can buy and sell designer clothing on it which is great because there are so many things I need to get rid of and I don’t have a consignment shop near by! You can check out what I’m selling by clicking here!

As far as working out is going I sort of feel like I’m in a slump…I have been following the couch to 5k app and it is only three days a week for running and I sort of feel like I need to do more cardio than just that if I want to loose more weight! I have been losing about a pound every week or so but I just need a little more! I wish I was a member of a gym so I could take some fun classes that I’m always reading about!

Well….it’s off to bed for me! I have to go watch the cutest little man ever tomorrow morning at 6AM!

How is your week going…even though it is only Monday?!
Have you ever sold your used clothes online? Poshmark?
Have you ever signed up for a subscription service?

Little Black Bag!

So…I caved and signed up for another subscription site! I’m making sure that the sites I’m signing up for you can cancel at any time otherwise Chris would be very unhappy with me 😉


This one is called Little Black Bag and what you do is you pick an item that you want to buy, mainly accessories, bags and jewelry and then Little Black Bag gives you two items and then this month they have two bonus items! So I started my bag with five items total! Once you have those five items you can then trade other people on the site for items that they have! It’s a lot of fun and there are great designers! You have seven days to trade and within that time lots of new items pop up so it gives you plenty of chances to trade with people who have some of the newest items! The subscription is signed up for is $55/ month…that’s a lot but the handbags are in the upwards of $100 which is awesome! If you are interested in signing up please feel free to ask me questions! Here is a link to the site if you want to sign up Little Black Bag
Here is the bag that I will not be parting with, no matter how many trades I get! 🙂 It’s Olivia and Joy!


Rejuvenating your workout!

After I got out of work last night I was thinking some retail therapy would help rejuvenate my workouts! I stopped by Marshall’s because I received a few hundred dollars in gift cards because everyone knows how much I like the TJX chain! I worked at TJ’s during my college years! I got so many good deals working there for 3 years! Any who, I bought a new running shirt that has thumb holes and cute ruffles on the shoulder (that was the selling point..haha) and a pair of running pants that are actually going to stay up! I jumped up and down in the dressing room to make sure! I also got an armband for my iPhone because that way I don’t have to worry about losing or it falling off the treadmill!




And, the best part is all of this only cost under $35!! Can anyone tell me what the cut outs on the pants are for though lol!

I didn’t have much time to eat breakfast this morning because I was meeting with our realtor to tour a house and well…. The house was a flop!
I had a glass of milk and a blueberry belvita for breakfast! If you haven’t tried belvita do yourself a favor because these are delicious!


So this is what the house looks like in the pictures…remember don’t judge a book by its cover because…

Chances are it could be what you expect..or NOT! This house looks so beautiful in the pictures but when I went in it felt and looks like a totally different house! I spent no more than 5 minutes in the house but I knew positively that this was not the house for us! Too much work for people who work full time and are on a budget!

Also, I’m working in collaboration with someone to give you guys, my readers, an awesome giveaway!! I’m so excited, so if you are a fan of nail polish or nail stickers please keep following my blog! As soon as I receive my sample I will be posting about the giveaway! 🙂

Do you feel like buying new work out clothes rejuvenates your workout?
Where is your favorite place to buy work out clothes?