Blackberry Winter Review!

Wow…is all I have to say after this book! I am reviewing Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio for Julie’s book review over at peanut butter fingers ! This will be a spoiler so if you plan on reading this book exit now! This book is actually the book I had voted for and I am so glad it won! I really have been enjoying being able to really curl up with a good book lately and this was no exception! This book had me from the first page! Absolutely a thrilling book that kept me guessing until the very end! I enjoyed how the book went back and forth telling the story of the two main characters! I was trying to figure out what happened to that poor little boy that went missing throughout the story and honestly I thought that the awful landlord had taken him…I don’t know what made me think that but I would have never thought that the sister of the father had taken him. But then again the act that Eva kept giving the clue about the woman in the park watching them play …which clearly now is the aunt that abducted Daniel! I have to hand it to Sarah Jio she did a fabulous job of keeping the reader entertained and really engaged in the book and that is really what I appreciate about a good book is that I feel involved while reading. The ending….that was the true wow factor. I closed the book thinking I wish there is a sequel to see how this all pans out and to find out more about Daniels life as a child! If you have no read this book…run, don’t walk to your nearest library and get yourself a copy! This book is well worth the 286 pages!

Did you get the chance to read this book?
Have you read a book that made you feel truly engaged?
What books have you been reading lately?


5 thoughts on “Blackberry Winter Review!

  1. Read it and loved it too! I didn’t realize that clue, that Eva was talking about a lady watching them. That makes sense now. I agree that this book is so worth the read. At first, I thought it would be just okay but the ending is like OMG good.

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