Little Black Bag….unboxing!

I was so excited a few days ago when I received my Little Black Bag “box” in the mail! Although I did not actually get a little black bag I did get an awesome bag for the spring! If you want to learn a little bit about Little Black Bag read about it here. Also, if you would like to sign up for little black bag click here.

So lets get to my box!


Little Black Bag Box!


Little Black Bag Box!


Opening the little black bag box! Everything is individually wrapped!


This ring was cute but it felt really cheap so I sent it back and when I open another bag tomorrow, I will have an extra item in this months bag!


This was my “main” item and I didn’t trade it at all! I absolutely loveeeee this bag! It is so big and is so great for spring and even fall! Alice and Olivia is great quality too!



I absolutely love this necklace! I have no idea when I will wear this but I had to have it! It retailed around $60!


I really like this bracelet when I first saw it but I returned it because it hung funny on my wrist and wasn’t practical for my wardrobe!

So that is my little black bag unboxing and I have to tell you I will absolutely be continuing with this subscription box service! I love shopping but being able to trade items is a whole lot of fun! If you have some extra money or are looking for a gift for yourself this is an awesome gift! If you have any questions about the site feel free to ask!


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