Yikes… two weeks since a post! Update!

Wowza! My last post was on February 9th, life really hasn’t been that crazy but every time I went to sit down to do a post I just wasn’t feeling like I had anything interesting to say or write about! Anyways a brief summary of what I’ve been up to…
I fell off the gym routine this past weekend because Chris came home and we had so much to do, Friday we had three houses to look at and we think we may have found “the one”…Saturday we took his parents to this wonderful (and expensive) German restaurant for their 20th wedding anniversary. Sunday I had to work and now Chris is back on travel but will thankfully be back in two weeks for good…hopefully!
I did pick up this months book club book for Julies book club for this month but I haven’t been able to crack into it yet. If you aren’t sure what Julies book club is all about check it out here…I participated last month and it was a lot of fun!

I’m also expecting my “little black bag” to come through tomorrow so when it does I will d


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