Little Black Bag!

So…I caved and signed up for another subscription site! I’m making sure that the sites I’m signing up for you can cancel at any time otherwise Chris would be very unhappy with me 😉


This one is called Little Black Bag and what you do is you pick an item that you want to buy, mainly accessories, bags and jewelry and then Little Black Bag gives you two items and then this month they have two bonus items! So I started my bag with five items total! Once you have those five items you can then trade other people on the site for items that they have! It’s a lot of fun and there are great designers! You have seven days to trade and within that time lots of new items pop up so it gives you plenty of chances to trade with people who have some of the newest items! The subscription is signed up for is $55/ month…that’s a lot but the handbags are in the upwards of $100 which is awesome! If you are interested in signing up please feel free to ask me questions! Here is a link to the site if you want to sign up Little Black Bag
Here is the bag that I will not be parting with, no matter how many trades I get! 🙂 It’s Olivia and Joy!



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