Warmth! …just kidding!

This morning was so nice and warm outside…. Oh no just kidding, that’s what I wish it was! Anyways…it was 0.5 degrees when I headed to the gym! Yup that’s right a whole half degree! I thought my eye lids were going to freeze open!


At least I can say it don’t stop me from going to the gym! On today’s agenda for working out was running/ walking. I can feel myself getting more tolerant of running longer even if the running portion is only for 3 minute increments with walking in between. Honestly back at the beginning of January I probably wouldn’t have succeeded in running more than a minute at a time!

This ended up being 2.10 miles! So I felt pretty good about it after I was done! Can’t wait to reach my final week 10 workout and see how far I have come!

Once I got back to my apartment I cleaned the kitchen that I have been ignoring for the past few days and made breakfast!


One egg, three pieces of bacon (I ate one before the picture because it just looked so darn good!), and I was out of bread so I cut a pita in half and toasted it with butter on top! For a drink I had a bolt house farms mocha cappuccino shake! I hate coffee but this tastes like melted coffee ice cream which is my favorite! And it had lost of protein!

Last night Chris and I logged onto our realtors site and narrowed down some of the houses at we’re in our cart…we find some of the most beautiful and perfect houses and then look at the location and it is right next to a highway or on a river…ugh! We WILL find our dream home but I’m so sick of looking already! Hahah

Check back later for a post about Bzzagent, a product testing site that I’m a part of! Its a lot of fun and you get to try great products for free!


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