Making lists

After getting 10 hours of sleep last night I decided to get up around 8am and do something productive. Yesterday was my rest day and this morning on the agenda for working out was my push ups an sit ups!

I dropped another three pounds and feel great! Hopefully I can keep this up! The best part is I don’t feel like I’m starving at all which is a huge mistake I made trying to diet before, I would eat a salad and no carbs and be hungry all day! Not any more!!

So, onto making lists. Making lists is something that I have done since I was in middle school. It has helped me determine what priorities I get done and when I need to do them. It has helped me keep track of my spending and my bills and allowed me to save money. Recently Chris and I have been making lots of lists, our to do list on the weekends, grocery list so we don’t over spend, and our must have list for home buying! I find it so much easier to organize my thoughts when I can see them written down on paper! How do you keep track of everything you do? Do you write lists as well?

I was peaking around some other blogs last night and found this website called . I found this one recipe for buffalo cauliflower and it looks absolutely amazing, I would probably demolish the entire plate in one sitting!

I know what is on my shopping list the next time I go grocery shopping! Cauliflower!!!

This morning after my workout I had a fried egg, a piece of chicken sausage, a slice of 12 grain toast with a laughing cow cheese wedge, and a clementine (love these)! Oh, and a giant glass of milk! I use to hate milk but now all of the sudden I have been drinking it like its going out of style!


Off to continue The Secret Keeper until I have to go to work!

Don’t forget o check out my post about Nature Box! My box should be arriving very soon!!


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