Nature Box

Yesterday as I was checking through some facebook posts I noticed a sponsored ad for something called Nature Box.


 I clicked the link and read a little more about this company. Basically what they do is send you a box once a month for $19.95 and it include 5 healthy snacks for that entire month! I’m not usually one to buy into anything with a subscription but this has no catch! You can cancel at any time and I thought I would give it a try! 

Here’s a little excerpt I took from there web page:

  • 5 full-sized packages
  • Healthy snacks that taste great
  • Discover new snacks monthly!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, cancel anytime

That being said, Chris and I signed up and picked our five snacks for the month! You can also get a surprise box in which they send out five mystery snacks! 

We chose; sunshine chips, whole wheat figgy bars, all natural yogurt pretzels, pistachio power clusters, and wild berry bunch! I cannot wait to get my first box!! It’s going to be like Christmas Morning! 

If you are interested in signing up for this site as well send me an email at and I will send you a link so you can get $5 off your first months subscription!! 


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