Sorry about the hiatus folks! I really don’t have a reason! I worked some extra days at work and was just plain tired when I got home! Chris and I got our iPhones finally and I have been playing with that an awful lot! I also picked up the book for Julie’s over at pbfingers book review, The Secret Keeper, and it is fantastic so far! I was reading it and almost forgot I had to go to work! Wahhh work! 😉

We have been eating some great food over here! Before I went to work this morning I made french onion soup for dinner tonight! I was fantastic. We also had turkey, turkey bacon, and cheese paninis! Yummo!

This morning we had scrambled eggs (I had them with crumbled blue cheese) and a slice of toast!

Last night for dinner while we watched the Pats lose 😦 we had buffalo chicken blue cheese pitas! Yum!

20130122-001237.jpg This was after I had demolished half!

I can’t wait to share what I signed up for! But since it is late or early depending on how you look at it, I should really get to bed!

How was your weekend?
Have you ever been too busy to blog?


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