Early to bed…early to rise?!

Early to bed, early to rise is not the case in my book! I do enjoy my sleep especially when I don’t have to work until noon! Right now, at 8:45pm I am sitting in my bed debating on actually going to sleep but I feel that would make me rather unproductive so I think I will just continue with my book the secret keeper!

I had an extremely short day at work today which is unusual but greatly appreciated! Before I headed to work I had a grilled cheese and a bowl of homemade french onion soup! (I was too hungry to take a pic)

Also, before I headed in to work I had a snack of carrot sticks and spinach and artichoke hummus. I had never seen this flavor before but I had to try it! It is fantastic! I love spinach artichoke cheese dip but this is much healthier!


When I got home I had a similar snack, tortilla chips with the same hummus. The hummus is made by cedars and the chips are made by food should taste good which is one of my favorite brands! They tortillas were olive flavor and they were awesome! I had never tried those either…it was a day of firsts!


Onto dinner, it was totally simple and spur of the moment. I had some left over chicken tenders that I tossed in panko breading and shredded cheese and baked those along with some oven roasted mushrooms, brussels sprouts, and corn. It was all very delicious and simple! I even have plenty leftover for tomorrows lunch!

Excuse the picture I was about half way through before I decided I should take a picture! Also, when I was much younger I loved eating honey on my chicken nuggets, I tried it again tonight and wondered why I ever stopped!

Off to read my book! If you haven’t read the post about Nature Box that I posted early make sure to! Very cool site and if you send me an email I can get you $5 off your first order!

Have you ever tried something again that you use to eat all the time and wonder why you ever stopped?


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