We aren’t perfect.

Soooo… Chris and I definitely are far from perfect… Last night we had a huge fight.. About nonsense of course because that’s how it usually goes. It was so bad that he slept on the couch. We are fine now… Actually we played it off like nothing happened after we woke up which made me feel good because that way it really shows we fought for no reason! We bicker back and forth from time to time and always realize about half way through that it was totally pointless! Any-who, were all better now! We had an awesomely productive day!

We started our morning off with bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches and then headed right over to our realtors office. She’s a wonderful woman and has kids our age so she knows what we are looking for! That meeting lasted about an hour and then it was on to lunch.

We went to this awesome sandwich shop that we love about a half hour away because we had to meet with our mortgage broker later in the day. I got an amazing low sodium ham and swiss sandwich with all the veggies.


It doesn’t look as good as it tastes but it was amazing! πŸ™‚

Next up we met with our mortgage broker, also a wonderful woman who got us a great deal! We got approved for way more than we thought we would and way more than we need which was great because that allows us plenty of play room in case we find a house that’s pricey that we can’t live without!

After that we went and picked up my library book for Julie’s book review over at PBFingers!


It was a busy day and I still have a lot to do and unfortunately have to work six days in a row starting tomorrow! It’s going to be a fun week! Starting with a double workout tomorrow morning at 8am!


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