Getting ahead of the game!

So this morning I was actually quite productive! I don’t have to work until 12 do I took advantage of my free time… Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day and somehow I forgot! So today will be my rest day instead! I folded the laundry that had been staring me in the face for a full week, unloaded and then loaded the dishwasher, took a shower, made breakfast and I already made DINNER! Talk about being productive! Oh ya and I painted my nails this awesome color that Chris gave me in my stocking for Christmas…it’s by Essie and its called trophy wife… Let’s just leave it at that!


Breakfast was so simple, Chris and I stopped by Trader Joes last weekend and picked up low fat French Toast in the freezer section! They are so yummy and I would never guess they were frozen!


On to dinner and my lunch today actually … Southwestern Goulash…you can read more about the recipe here!


Do you ever prepare dinner well in advance?
Do you take rest days?


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