Feeling great!

This morning, as is my morning ritual almost ever morning, I stepped on the scale and was so happy with the number I saw! I have dropped over 7lbs since the first of the year! I haven’t really been going to hard on my body either…I take rest days, don’t do cardio every day but I think eating healthy has really helped! Anyways just wanted to share my excitement with that 🙂

Also, I’m very happy with the feedback I have received since receiving and nominating people of that Liebster award! What a great was to get people’s names out there!! If you have emailed me for the questions, don’t worry I will send them out! Just working on a few more!

Today’s workout was a run, I was the only one in the gym and I think is probably because of all the snow we woke up to this morning!

20130116-095452.jpg No one here!

20130116-095507.jpg I skipped the last five minute cool down walk because I was running late and need to eat breakfast before work at 11 and since e roads are slick I have to leave early!

Breakfast today was on a whim, two slices of 12 grain toast with sautéed kale, one fried egg, and laugh cow cheese wedge spread all sandwiched together… It is quite delicious! And a glass of milk!


What did you have for breakfast today? Was it satisfying?
Do you have snow on the ground where you are?
Have you worked out yet today.


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