Home buying nerves!

Last night Chris and I didn’t really feel too much like cooking but he had some portabella mushrooms marinating in balsamic and garlic so we decided to have burgers! Instead of meat we just use the mushrooms as the “meat” …served with Trader Joes havarti, lettuce, tomato, and onion! They are quite delicious…if you haven’t tried them I definitely recommend it!

I forgot to take a picture but if you can imagine it, it was piled high with veggies!

Yesterday’s lunch was good and filling and didn’t require a lot of though… A slice of bread with laughing cow cheese (blue cheese flavor) and topped with tomatoes! I took a bite before the picture because I just couldn’t wait šŸ˜‰


Chris and I have been in contact with our realtor and told her everything we want/ don’t want in a house… We have also been in contact with our mortgage broker to find out what we can really afford…the nerves are starting to hit me that we ARE buying a house! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time! I just want to get what we really want and I don’t want to settle! If we can’t find anything by the end of our lease everything is going into storage and we are going to stay with his parents… We just don’t see any sense in extending our lease because they charge us an arm and a leg to live here…in these so called “luxury” apartments!

In better news, I get out of work today at 5!!!! I can’t believe it! I never get to leave that early! šŸ™‚

Any advice for a first time home buyer?!
What do you do to calm you nerves?

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