Today I headed right to eye gym after Chris woke me up with a phone call…funny thing is I always tell him I was awake even if I wasn’t! He leaves for work at 5 and typically I don’t have to work until mid morning or early afternoon! There was only one other person in the gym when I got there which is what I prefer! Today was a running day and boy did it feel good…


I can’t wait until the workouts get a little harder than I will be able to tell if this plan is working or not!

After the gym I came back to the apartment and after reading some blog entries this morning of fellow bloggers I had some inspiration for breakfast…Julie over at PBFingers had made a delicious breakfast so I used what I had on hand and made something similar! Scrambled eggs, sautéed kale, and chipotle chicken sausage! My favorite! It was very filling and delicious! This is actually the first time I have cooked with kale, I picked some up at Trader Joes this past weekend!


Inspirations are around us every day…the two people in my life that are truly inspirational are my older brother and my dad! My dad suffered a MINOR heart attack a few years ago (I’m talking minor… He fainted and then had tests done later on that showed his heart had fixed itself) and my brother then, 320lbs took that as a wake up call to get healthy. Only a year later my brother had dropped 160lbs and is now running half marathons! It’s truly inspiring! My father took my brother as inspiration and got back into rock climbing and ice climbing…things he gave up when we were just babies! My dad has dropped 40lbs and is healthier than ever!

20130114-110658.jpg this is a picture of my brother taken only a year after each other! He truly is amazing! I keep telling him he needs to write a book!

My dad sent me this picture of him and a group of his friends that had climbed Mt. Isolation, NH…14 mile trip!


Where do you find inspiration to keep going?


4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. wow, that’s so inspirational! My brother was super overweight too. My dad had a triple bypass and that still didn’t get him to change certain habits. Now he is a father of two and on the road to getting fit. He is working so hard and we are all so proud of him!!

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