The task of choosing a wedding band…

Today started bright and early with Chris and I hitting our snooze button about 10 times before one of us decided that if we were going to do anything productive that we better roll ourselves out of bed and do it! We had a laundry list of chores and errands that we needed to get done so we made our way about a half hour from home to the amazing jeweler that Chris bought my engagement ring from! I so desperately wanted to get it cleaned along with the Tiffany bracelet so we dropped both off to be cleaned and polished and then made our way to a couple of other stores.


This is us goofing off at Five Below…I don’t know what it is about people and mustaches lately but it sure is funny! They are on everything!

We also took a trip to Old Navy because all there active wear is on sale until the 16th… Thanks to a couple fellow bloggers … Fitnessista and Peanut Butter Fingers.. I picked up some really cute gear for $33!


20130112-163620.jpg… As I write this I’m actually getting ready for the gym so I’m going to wear one of my new tops and see how it works out!

After we meandered around a few shops it was time to go grab my ring! I couldn’t wait to see how sparkly it was! And boy was it! No scratches or anything! These people do amazing work! Chris and I also wanted to check out wedding bands as well so I’m having quite a hard decision in choosing which style…honestly they are so similar that it is MINOR details…usually I’m not so indecisive but for some reason I am today… Let me know if you can tell the difference between the right or the left band… Which do you like better?!

20130112-163936.jpg … I just put them on my finger like that so I could send a picture to my mom of both!

After ring shopping we stopped at Chipotle…my favorite restaurant everrrrr! We both got delicious bowls! After we hopped over to Trader Joes! I wish we had one closer because I would go so much more often! Of course it was free sample day so we tried almonds, cheese and beer cheese dip with frito like chips…all delicious of course! We got so many great things I can’t wait to try them all!

Onto the gym! See ya later for dinner 🙂

Have you ever been indecisive about the smallest detail?
What is your favorite healthy food store?
Have you check out old navy’s active wear?!


3 thoughts on “The task of choosing a wedding band…

  1. Awe, congrats! We are getting married (me and my SO of course) not you and I that would be weird and awkward. Anyways, yeah, so exciting 🙂 So when is the day? I have been slowly blogging about mine (made a seperate blog but the link is on the weight loss ones page). I will say I had no clue how hard it can be to plan a wedding ugh.

    • Thanks and congrats to you! We aren’t getting married until 8/16/14 so we still have plenty of time! What about you?! We haven’t really started planning anything big yet just talked a lot about it!

      • We are planning for 10/26/2013. I am amazed at how you have to plan sometimes so far out. There are venues here that book out 1 -2 yrs in advance! ugh. We are in search of our venue currently, so far that’s about it. 🙂

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