Long eventful day!

Wow! Today went quick which stinks because it’s my day off! We started our errands at CVS where I picked up a rocking deal on treseme shampoo! I got nine bottles for .17¢ a bottle! Each bottle was on sale for $3.33 each and they all had $1.75 coupons on them! If you haven’t shopped at CVS they have this machine called the magic coupon machine…so I scanned my card and out popped a $2.50 off $12 shampoo purchase! Plus I had $2 extra care buck (cvs rewards program) so …i am totally stocked up on shampoo for a while! I hadn’t even planned on picking anything up and I normally shop with coupons but had not brought any with me this time!

After CVS we headed over to the dollar tree because they have bubble wrap and we needed to ship something out I also wanted to look for more books even though I have a huge stack from last time… I did pick up two that look really good!

The dollar tree also had Planters Nutrition peanut butter and I have heard great things about it but never tried it myself! It’s banana nut flavor…sounds yummy!

We were in the area of a great whole foods market…not the chain just a local store…we purchased our Christmas tree from them this year and wanted to go back and buy some groceries..

We bought some agave syrup, two maple yogurts…I didn’t even know these existed and am so happy to have found them, pickles….can’t go anywhere without buying a jar of pickles, and pistachios…already peeled! These babies were our snack on the way to the grocery store..


Onto grocery shopping and $150 later…yikes!! But some really awesome meals planned this week! In fact I have potato corn chowder on the stove right now! Bolt house farms drinks have become a staple to our grocery shopping ritual! These things are delicious if you haven’t tried them…go get one!!!


We came home and had a veryyyyyy late lunch …around 4PM but it was delicious…it was a quick fix and very unplanned…we had purchased some naan bread and decided to make personal pizzas.. Here are the pizzas before they went into the oven… Mushroom, onion, and mozarella


And the final result …


We headed out again for a quick trip to get our library cards finally!!!! And visit a friend of ours and Chris’ godson! He is the cutest but he has a double ear infection so he was very clingy to mommy tonight…poor baby!

Once we got home Chris headed over to the club house to run and I stayed in the apartment to do my push ups and sit ups … Today’s workout looked like this…



All in all a very eventful day and tomorrow is the same! Going to eat potato corn chowdaaaa …recipe to follow!

Have you had any nonstop days lately?!
How often do you use your library card?


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