Uninspired breakfast, turned delicious!

This morning I slept a little longer than I intended but that’s okay because I don’t have to be into work until noon. So once I rolled myself out of bed I went to the gym at the club house to do the running portion of my workout. It’s not he greatest gym in the world but it has the machines to do the trick and even though today is warm, a whole 40 degrees here in New England, I still wanted to run inside. I literally laughed out loud to myself last night when I got out of work and said wow it’s warm out…warm because it wasn’t 10 degrees like it has been the past few nights…that’s New England weather for ya. Anyways…today’s work out looked like this…


It went by pretty quick because I listen to the iheartradio app which has so many channels I can’t get bored! Usually when I get back from the gym I cook up breakfast right away but I just wasn’t feeling very inspired by anything so I went and got ready for the day hoping that a shower would inspire my breakfast….it didn’t. I had taken a steak out of the freezer last night for lunch today and decided to incorporate that into breakfast also…I used the George Foreman to cook p the steak that I seasoned with just pepper…scrambled two eggs with some when American cheese and tossed in the cooked chunks of steak all served with a side of twelve grain toast….it was excellent! Rally hit the spot!


I continued reading Dishing with the Kitchen Virgin last night! It really is very funny…if you are looking for a good laugh and an entertaining read this is surly the book! I’m going to pick up Chris tonight from the bus station because he is back from traveling! It is Friday for both of us today!

Happy Thursday to everyone…and Friday to me!

Have you ever not know what to cook and when you finally cook something it’s the best meal you ever made?
What kind of book are you reading right now?
Is today a workout day for you? Or a rest day?


2 thoughts on “Uninspired breakfast, turned delicious!

    • Good luck going back to the gym Monday! Just remember to take it slow at first! Stretching is a must!!! Before and after your workout so your muscles will have a chance to relax and not tense up!

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