Polish kind of night

After I got out of work I had to speed over to the bus station to pick up Chris because his bus had arrived an hour earlier and he was waiting for me! It’s nice to have him home because I don’t like eating dinner by myself! I seem to eat a lot slow when I have someone to all to…but of course he’s leaving in another week for six weeks…ugh! But at least he can rack up Hilton hotel rewards and enterprise points so when we go on vacation we have free hotel nights and rental car!! work has been extremely busy which is goo and bad..it goes by super quick but it’s tough because we are short staffed…so there’s always a lot to do.
Dinner was an all Polish meal! Kielbasa, sauerkraut, and salatka jarzynowa which literally translates to vegetable salad. Chris has been attempting to teach me Polish but so far all I know are inappropriate words and how to say hello/ goodbye, I love you…basics. I did however teach myself to sing a song about two kittens …it’s like a nursery song.. Hahah well…I’m trying!


We got the kielbasa at a store called Fresh Market that recently opened a few months ago…great food a lot like a whole foods or trader joes but it really is awfully expensive! We are making a trip to Trader Joes this weekend when we go get my engagement ring cleaned..can’t wait for it to be really sparkly again! While it’s getting cleaned we will venture over to Trader Joes!

We have lots to do tomorrow, laundry, house hunting, grocery shopping…oh boy! But tonight..we relax! Looking forward to cracking into Dishing with the Kitchen Virgin again tonight..oh ya and we are getting library cards tomorrow. We have lived in this town for over a year and still haven’t been to the library…shameful!

Do you have/ use your library card?
Do you ever make a meal based on a certain ethnicity or country? (strange question lol)
Do you speak another language fluently?


4 thoughts on “Polish kind of night

  1. Getting a library card was the best thing I ever did! I can spend hours in the library just looking at book descriptions and trying to limit it to under 3. Not to mention their music, DVD and book on tape selection! Libraries are awesome!

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