Uneventful hump day

Today is going to be an uneventful hump day! It is actually technically my Thursday because I work Sunday-Thursday with Friday and Saturday’s off! I work most of the day away so by the time I get out its near bedtime anyways. I didn’t have to do any workouts today because it is my rest day…I think one of the problems that I had had back previously when I was trying to get fit was that I would go too hard too quick… I would eat like a rabbit and live at the gym! …I quickly grew tired of that and that’s why I’m back at square one again!
This mornings breakfast was like all the others but equally as delicious so no complaints!


I started Dishing With The Kitchen Virgin by Susan Reinhardt last night and only made it through one chapter before my eyes weighed like sandbags but the first chapter was good and I enjoyed the humor in it!

Chris comes home tomorrow! Not sure what we have planned for the weekend yet but I know we need to grocery shop and sign up for library cards! I hope that we can get in contact with our realtor so we can get the ball rolling on this home buying process!

Have a happy hump day! Hope it’s more exciting than mine!

Did you have a boring day like I did?
Do you have any big plans for this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Uneventful hump day

  1. I have a weird schedule too! I feel like people expect me to be super productive during the week days I have off just because they are working so hard but it’s MY weekend! Haha- I just found your blog and it’s really great! Love the mantra šŸ™‚

    • Glad you enjoy my blog! It’s fun to write about my life and have people enjoy it! I feel you on the weekdays off thing…when I go places I feel like people think I’m a bum because I’m not working lol! I usually have a million things to do on my day off and most of the time I just want to sit on my butt!

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