Dinner on a whim..

Work felt extra long today…I can never seem to get out when my schedule says I can leave because there is always something to do or something that needs to be finished before I can leave. But at least I can say I have a job some are not as fortunate or just don’t care! When I got out of work which was honestly only about an hour and a half ago I was starving! I didn’t have any leftovers or anything made already so I had to think quick! I decided the most tantalizing thing I could make would be a shrimp salad pita pocket and boy, did that hit the spot! I didn’t use a recipe just what I had in the fridge/freezer.

Here’s what I used:

Frozen shrimp (defrosted), mayo, horseradish, cilantro, lettuce, red onion, ground pepper…pretty simple!

Mix all the ingredients together… And stuff it into a Joseph’s pita! Joseph’s makes delicious wraps and pitas!


Right after I posted this morning Chris called me and told me his boss wants him to travel for 6 weeks…from January to March…kind of puts a damped on this whole house hunt and all but it’s definitely great for the overtime! Chris said we are going to contact our real estate agent when he gets back tomorrow and set up a time on Friday to meet with her and see what’s available in our price range…I do a lot of searching using realtor.com but our agent Donna said that a lot of houses for sale never make it onto the Internet. We are both very nervous about buying our first home because we want to make sure we get what we want and not just settle for the sake of buying a home. It’s an exciting time in our lives! But honestly I cannot wait to move out of this so called “luxury apartment”… We have a wonderful couple with two young children that live above us that enjoy running around from 5AM to 9PM at night …it honestly sounds like someone is jack hammering above us….OhTheDrama…

Going to go make myself a hot chocolate and snuggle up with Dishing With The Kitchen Virgin…

Have you ever had unbearable neighbors?
Any advice on first time home buying?


2 thoughts on “Dinner on a whim..

  1. As far as first time home buying is concerned….don’t be in a rush. Don’t let yourself be pushed to go forward on any deal unless it truly feels right to you. Explore all your options.

    • Thanks for the response! Chris and I have talked about this a lot…we have the option to move in with his parents if we just can’t find what’s right for us when our lease ends in May at the apartment. We want so many things with this house that it may not be possible to find them all with the short time frame we have! Thanks for sharing your input on my blog! Hope you enjoy!

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