Ham and Apple Panini for ME!

So after I got out of work tonight I was starving! I decided I was going to make myself a delicious ham and apple panini… This recipe I got from Healthy Cooking magazine on page 75 of this issue…it calls for roast beef but I’m not a huge roast beef fan so I subbed ham and it was equally as delicious!


Don’t you just want to take a bite?!

This is what you’re going to need!


Whole grain bread, butter, horseradish (sauce) I used just regular prepared horseradish not sauce, slice of cheese, thin n trim deli ham (yum!), golden delicious apple.

This is how it looks before you grill it…I don’t have a panini press but my George Forman did the trick!


A work in progress!

I grill it until the cheese is just melts enough!

Talk about delicious! I serve mine with carrot sticks and pickles…. I’m a pickle fanatic…you name it I’ve tried it! I think I could probably eat pickles for three meals a day if that was normal!


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