Dishing with the Kitchen Virgin

Honestly, a few months ago I picked up a stack of books that I had planned on reading from the dollar store…I haven’t touched any of them yet. Who would I have thought you could buy books at the dollar store….but you can and for a buck I’m not going to pass that up! Books are expensive now!


Here’s a little blurb about the book (taken from amazon):

Is the brand sticker still affixed to your sauté pan? Is your wok used solely as a receptacle for potato chips? Does your blender only see the light of day when Baccardi or Tequila is involved?

If so, then welcome to the Kitchen Virgin Club. But don’t despair–you’re in the illustrious company of Susan Reinhardt: syndicated columnist, spokeswoman for skewed southern bellehood…and one truly lousy cook. In this cleaver-sharp new collection of food stories, culinary missteps, and recipes from yummy to yucky, Reinhardt comes clean–way clean–as the unapologetic product of a long line of talented, fascinating, funny women who have regular brushes with homicide by pot roast. From “The Toaster Oven is a Bee-otch” to “When Road Kill Makes it to Mikasa,” as well as the titular tale of the socialite who shaved her fuzzy greens, these stranger-than-fiction accounts will have you laughing until milk spews out of your nose. And for those inspired to graduate from Kitchen Virgin to Kitchen ‘Tute, there’s “Bone Apple Cheat!”– Reinhardt’s own shortcut-to-real-food recipes. So next time you’re tempted to make Taco Bell your last (okay, first) resort, crack open this book, have a laugh…and get cookin’.

I’m going to cuddle up in my bed and get cracking on this book!

Have you read any good books lately?
Have you ever bought a books at the dollar store?


2 thoughts on “Dishing with the Kitchen Virgin

  1. I love that the dollar store has books! I am a new dollar store convert and now I always go hunting through the books to find something good. I too always seem to get buy-happy with books but then forget (or refuse) to read them. That sounds like a really interesting book. The last book I read was What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. It was so good, I couldn’t put it down!

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