All by my lonesome…

Chris is out of town until Thursday for work so I’m all by my lonesome! Last night when I got out of work I literally hoped into bed and stayed there until 8:30 this morning! It’s nice to work in the late morning/ early afternoon so I can stay cuddled up in my warm bed! After I got out of bed …finally… I had to work out circuits to do…. push ups and sit ups…today is day number six of working out for the new year and I feel great! I have so much more energy and ambition to get things done!

Here is the circuits for today



Both call for five minute stretching before and after the work out so I stretch and then do both the push ups and sit ups and then stretch again…

After that short workout I made myself a delicious breakfast similar to yesterday but today I only cooked one egg because two was too much yesterday and I also had my favorite …peach yogurt!!!


Thin N Trim deli ham, slice of cheese, one egg, deli flat with apple butter, milk, and peach yogurt!

Now, off to work I go! Today’s lunch..leftover goulash! YUM!


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