New Year…New Motivations

So…my fiance and I are really bad at folding laundry…not that we don’t know how…just that we would rather our clothes hang and fold themselves…so bad that we will go about two weeks without folding any laundry…we dump the clean laundry on our bed in hopes that that will give us the motivation to actually fold it and put it away… but time and time again it finds its way back into the laundry basket because we are just too darn lazy to fold it… so after getting back from a baptism earlier today all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and play on my iPad…but when I got home I saw this…

The dreaded mountain of unfolded laundry...

The dreaded mountain of unfolded laundry…

So instead of playing the foolish game I have so continuously played with this laundry…I conquered the massive pile of clean laundry…call it a new found motivation because of the New Year…all I know is that I don’t have to deal with another pile until next Saturday!

Doesn't it look so much more inviting without all those clothes piled on top!

Doesn’t it look so much more inviting without all those clothes piled on top!

Something that I am discovering now that I am eating healthy is that it is awfully hard to say no to delicious looking Polish pastries and cake at a Baptism reception…however, I succeeded and am very happy I did not have any sweets to ruin my healthy eating habits! My fiance, Chris and I tell ourselves that yes, some day we will be able to enjoy cake and pastries again…but for now we need to focus on loosing some weight and there will be plenty of time in the future for cake! We stuck to deli meats, chicken, and veggies…it is going to be awfully hard to eat right because Polish food is just too darn good and they make so much of it!…Chris’ entire family is Polish and if anyone knows anything about Polish people is that they know how to throw a party! Lots of food and drink!

Stay tuned for another delicious recipe …last nights dinner..Grilled portobella burgers!


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