Typically I work on Sunday but I requested yesterday off because of a baptism I had to attend so today is actually my Monday..a little unusual for me! But, I only have a four day work week which is nice because I feel like I have done nothing but work since before Christmas…very busy over there!

This morning I woke up at 8am and decided I would head to the gym at our apartment complex around 8:30 to do my half hour couch to 10K program for the day. This is what today’s work out looked like …


Couch to 10K app

And boy was I sweating… Wait until I’m a couple weeks in and it’s hour long workouts! I like how it’s intervals of running and walking!

Breakfast was delicious …


I made two eggs, a slice of thin n trim deli ham, a slice of white American, and a slice of 12 grain toast with a little bit of butter! And a glass of milk! I’m realizing now that when I’m full is when I should stop eating NOT when my plate is empty! I think one of my biggest problems with trying to get fit before was that I would eat until my plate was empty not when my stomach was full but I’m realizing it and fixing it!


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