First Post!

Hey Everyone! 

I’m really excited to be able to share some of the recipes and work outs that I will be doing in order to get myself into the shape I have wanted to be in for a while! I had a New Years epiphany… hence the blog title that I was going to do what thousands of people say they are going to for a New Years resolution…the difference you ask? I will succeed at getting into the shape that I want to be in. My fiance and I are doing this together so that makes it much easier! We decided that our biggest problem with diets is that we always limit ourselves to eating like rabbits… nothing wrong with some lettuce and carrots but trying to eat that until you reach your goal weight…yeah right! We decided that if we are going to make our goal then we need to address the biggest problem and that’s…..actually cooking. Now don’t get me wrong… I LOVE COOKING! But I never spent any time reading cookbooks that had healthy recipes! Since Wednesday that has changed! I was doing some research and came across a blog of someone that truly inspired me, she shares her recipes and workouts and just seems like she is a really happy person who is exceptionally happy with her life! 

Since Wednesday my fiance have made Southwestern Goulash, Portabella Mushroom Burgers, Apple Ham Panini, and Mango Shrimp Pitas! All recipes that came from either my Taste of Home Diet Comfort Foods cookbook or my subscription of Healthy Cooking magazine! 

I will share all of these delicious recipes with you all!


Now, a little about myself and fiance… we are not terribly overweight we are just unhappy with our size and our activity level. We are getting married in August 2014 so we have a little ways away for planning! We both started two different workout plans but are doing the same eating plan! I work close to home but typically 10:00am to 8:00pm and he travels about an hour away for work but after traffic he ends up being away from home for 15 hours out of his day which makes eating at normal hours really difficult for the both of us…but we will make it happen! We have been together for over four years..we met back in college, he was a junior and I was a freshman! We live in New England and are very active with hiking and camping in the Spring, Summer, and Fall months but when it comes to Winter…consider us dormant…well that was before the blog 😉


Image…this is us coming down from Mt. Washington in New Hampshire!

My brother who recently lost half his weight (160lbs) in a year all by himself, told me about this program so I found the app on my iPad and downloaded called Couch to 5k! It’s a lot of fun and really easy! I also downloaded 0-200 push ups and 0-200 sit ups!…all of these programs are 10 week programs!

Anyways…that’s all for this post! Any questions or comments please leave them, I will respond! 




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