Where have I been?! Don’t forget about the giveaway!

Sorry I haven’t been around for a few days! Tuesday and Wednesday I had to wake up at 5AM to watch this little cutie!

He truly is one of the most fun and cute one year olds I have had the pleasure of entertaining! He is Chris’ godson and his Mama works early and Dad works overnights so they needed someone to watch him for a couple hours! He slept most of the time but when he did wake up he was too cute!
So I have been extra tired by the time I get out of work so I really have just grabbed my book The Secret Keeper and read it until my eyes were too heavy to keep open! I finished the book last night and am going to start writing my book review for Peanut Butter Finger book review! If you haven’t read this book I highly recommend it! I couldn’t have predicted what was going to happen in the last chapter! I had to re-read the last chapter to make sure I understood what was going on! This is a winner!

Here are a few pictures of things I have been eating over the past few days!




Lots of yummies! Although I only worked a four day work week I am very happy that today is my Friday! I feel like I have been going non stop this week and I need a break! On Tuesday I went and looked at another house and I love this one but the price is at the top of our budget and we Wally wouldn’t have too much of a backyard which is hard for because because I grew up in the middle of nowhere with hardly any neighbors! This neighborhood is highly residential!

In other news a friend of mine told me that she is pregnant again and I am so happy for her! It’s such an exciting time! Although Chris and I aren’t getting married for another year and a half I couldn’t picture myself having children right now so I am happy that my friends are so I get to spend time with their kids!

This morning I slept in because I needed a little extra rest! Remember a few days ago when it was only 3 degrees? Ya well today and yesterday temperatures reach about 60 degrees…oh New England! I headed right to the gym after I woke up and did an awesome running workout!


We have a few more days left for the Jamberry Nail giveaway so make sure you get those entries in! Read about the giveaway here!
Click here to enter the Giveaway!

Have you entered the giveaway yet?!
How has your week been?


Love getting mail! And…a giveaway!!

Is it just me or does receiving mail just make your day that much better?! I honestly get excited opening my mail box every day! Especially after today’s cold and snowy day I needed a pick me up! When I opened my mail box it was stuffed full of stuff! And it even had a note that I had ANOTHER package to pick up at the club house that wouldn’t fit in the mail box!

So my first piece of mail that I was excited about was a bzzagent package that I was waiting for! I talked about what bzzagent was in this post. This campaign is a Schick hydro silk razor! So this package included one Schick razor, two razor heads, EIGHT $5/1 Schick razor coupons (awesome), and a booklet about the razor!

I use this razor everyday so it’s not going to be too hard for me to state my opinion in this but I definitely recommend this razor to anyone who hasn’t tried it! It is a little pricey but I find that it lasts me quite a while!

The next piece of mail that I received is my giveaway!! I am so excited to be able to give my readers a giveaway when I have only been blogging less than a month! And this way people can be just as excited as me to get some mail in their mail boxes!
So…I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful lady over at Jamberry Nails to bring you, my readers, this awesome giveaway! If you aren’t sure what Jamberry Nails are then here is a little bit about them!

The picture below are the styles that the winners are going to get to choose from!

The five styles are: birds, color leopard, blue stripe, plaid, and hearts!





So there you have it ladies (and gents), five lucky winners will have the chance to try these fancy nail shields out! There are five different styles that you can choose from and it is first come first served but trust me that they are all very cute!

So…below you have FIVE chances to win! Each time you complete a task is one step closer to you winning! Have fun! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! click the link below and follow the tasks for each chance to enter!

Jamberry Nail Giveaway

*please note that I can only send out to winner in the United States! Thanks for your understanding!

Have fun! 🙂

Uneventful Sunday!

Well…Sunday was an uneventful day with a few errands and a lot of reading! I usually work on Sundays but luckily I switched with a coworker and I had a three day weekend! And now only a four day work week! I woke up relatively early yesterday morning because I wanted to get grocery shopping out of the way! I grabbed a lot of great food and ingredients to make some yummy recipes from my Taste of Home diet Comfort Food cookbook!

Lunch yesterday was a rueben, Trader Joe’s butternut squash soup and mango and peach smoothie!


After grocery shopping I literally parked my butt on the couch and really got into the book The Secret Keeper for PBFingers book review! I’m almost done with it and it is really good!

For dinner I made buffalo turkey burgers with crumbled blue cheese on top! Yummy!! That’s a recipe from the Taste of Home diet Comfort Food cookbook!

I served it with some oven roasted green beans and raw red pepper strips!

Yesterdays workout was done in the comfort of my apartment because all I had to do was sit ups and push ups! They are getting harder slowly each time I do them because the amount keeps increasing so my arms and abs are usually burning by the end!


I love how in the upper right corner it tells you how many you have done since the beginning of the program!

For my dessert after my workout I recently discovered that health choice makes frozen yogurt and they come in three packs. Each cup is only 100 calories which is great! I bought the strawberry and the vanilla! Last night I had the vanilla with craisins!


This morning is back to the work grind so I woke up early to hit the gym but of course I forgot my gym card so I had to head back to my apartment to get it…luckily we live a minute from the club house! I felt really good after this workout! Full of energy and ready to tackle Monday!

The running durations are quickly getting longer and my tolerance levels are way higher!

After my workout I had a filling breakfast of chicken sausage, one egg, and multigrain toast with butter! Now it’s off to work I go! I’m hoping that when I get out tonight I can finish my book so I can write my review!

Wow! That’s a lot of pictures! That’s what is get for not posting yesterday!

Check back this week because I’m going to be having a giveaway and there will be (5) winners!!!

Wedding locations!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with the cutest little man in the world! Chris’ godson Aiden! He slept most of the time, he’s a year and two months but he is the cutest! He says meow now and it is the funniest thing I have ever heard! For lunch I had some butternut soup from Trader Joes with croutons…yummy! After Aiden left I had some chicken sausage and turkey bacon stir fry which was awesome!

After dinner I had to run to the store to buy my brother K-Cups for his birthday because my parents bought him a mini kuerig!! And then get gas because I was coming to my parents house early today to look at a wedding reception location and celebrate my brothers birthday! After doing my errands I hit up the gym with my new iPhone arm band! It was a great workout! I’m gradually getting into running longer and longer lengths of time!



My legs are killing me this morning, nothing a good stretch can’t fix!

This morning I was up at 5am because I had to drive out to visit my parents who live 2 hours away so my mom and I could go take a look at a wedding venue and also we are celebrating my brothers 26th birthday! It was a whopping 10 degrees this morning when I left!

Any who, I’m pretty much in love with this location for the reception! It is so rustic and I love it!




It was freezing in the barn because it has been winterized but it really is beautiful! There is also a cute patio, covered in snow, that we have have as well for the reception!

Welp, on to celebrations!

What degrees was it when you woke up this morning?

Rejuvenating your workout!

After I got out of work last night I was thinking some retail therapy would help rejuvenate my workouts! I stopped by Marshall’s because I received a few hundred dollars in gift cards because everyone knows how much I like the TJX chain! I worked at TJ’s during my college years! I got so many good deals working there for 3 years! Any who, I bought a new running shirt that has thumb holes and cute ruffles on the shoulder (that was the selling point..haha) and a pair of running pants that are actually going to stay up! I jumped up and down in the dressing room to make sure! I also got an armband for my iPhone because that way I don’t have to worry about losing or it falling off the treadmill!




And, the best part is all of this only cost under $35!! Can anyone tell me what the cut outs on the pants are for though lol!

I didn’t have much time to eat breakfast this morning because I was meeting with our realtor to tour a house and well…. The house was a flop!
I had a glass of milk and a blueberry belvita for breakfast! If you haven’t tried belvita do yourself a favor because these are delicious!


So this is what the house looks like in the pictures…remember don’t judge a book by its cover because…

Chances are it could be what you expect..or NOT! This house looks so beautiful in the pictures but when I went in it felt and looks like a totally different house! I spent no more than 5 minutes in the house but I knew positively that this was not the house for us! Too much work for people who work full time and are on a budget!

Also, I’m working in collaboration with someone to give you guys, my readers, an awesome giveaway!! I’m so excited, so if you are a fan of nail polish or nail stickers please keep following my blog! As soon as I receive my sample I will be posting about the giveaway! 🙂

Do you feel like buying new work out clothes rejuvenates your workout?
Where is your favorite place to buy work out clothes?


What is bzzagent?

Well, it’s pronounced buzz agent and what you do is take surveys to find out if certain products are for you and if you qualify for a certain product you will join a campaign…once you’re in a campaign you receive free products or coupons for products to try and give your honest opinion. Your opinion is then relayed to the manufacturer. I have participated in some awesome campaigns and gotten some really great products!

My first campaign was a Dr. Orteker pizza campaign… For this one I received (2) coupons for free pizzas to try and then rate for the manufacturer! These pizzas were awesome and now we have gotten rid of any other frozen pizza brand and replaced them with these! Small but delicious!


I’ve also participated in an Afrin campaign, a Stella Artois campaign (no free beer but an awesome Stella glass)!

Currently I was just asked to join a Shick Hydro Silk campaign and a Glade Expressions campaign which means more free products to test! Also, I’m in a Neutrogena lotions campaign right now and the lotion is awesome! Considering I have some of the driest skin around!

So if you here me mention bzzagent, this is why! Its an awesome site and it gives great feedback to the manufacturers of these products!

Check out there site here!

Warmth! …just kidding!

This morning was so nice and warm outside…. Oh no just kidding, that’s what I wish it was! Anyways…it was 0.5 degrees when I headed to the gym! Yup that’s right a whole half degree! I thought my eye lids were going to freeze open!


At least I can say it don’t stop me from going to the gym! On today’s agenda for working out was running/ walking. I can feel myself getting more tolerant of running longer even if the running portion is only for 3 minute increments with walking in between. Honestly back at the beginning of January I probably wouldn’t have succeeded in running more than a minute at a time!

This ended up being 2.10 miles! So I felt pretty good about it after I was done! Can’t wait to reach my final week 10 workout and see how far I have come!

Once I got back to my apartment I cleaned the kitchen that I have been ignoring for the past few days and made breakfast!


One egg, three pieces of bacon (I ate one before the picture because it just looked so darn good!), and I was out of bread so I cut a pita in half and toasted it with butter on top! For a drink I had a bolt house farms mocha cappuccino shake! I hate coffee but this tastes like melted coffee ice cream which is my favorite! And it had lost of protein!

Last night Chris and I logged onto our realtors site and narrowed down some of the houses at we’re in our cart…we find some of the most beautiful and perfect houses and then look at the location and it is right next to a highway or on a river…ugh! We WILL find our dream home but I’m so sick of looking already! Hahah

Check back later for a post about Bzzagent, a product testing site that I’m a part of! Its a lot of fun and you get to try great products for free!

Making lists

After getting 10 hours of sleep last night I decided to get up around 8am and do something productive. Yesterday was my rest day and this morning on the agenda for working out was my push ups an sit ups!

I dropped another three pounds and feel great! Hopefully I can keep this up! The best part is I don’t feel like I’m starving at all which is a huge mistake I made trying to diet before, I would eat a salad and no carbs and be hungry all day! Not any more!!

So, onto making lists. Making lists is something that I have done since I was in middle school. It has helped me determine what priorities I get done and when I need to do them. It has helped me keep track of my spending and my bills and allowed me to save money. Recently Chris and I have been making lots of lists, our to do list on the weekends, grocery list so we don’t over spend, and our must have list for home buying! I find it so much easier to organize my thoughts when I can see them written down on paper! How do you keep track of everything you do? Do you write lists as well?

I was peaking around some other blogs last night and found this website called skinnytaste.com . I found this one recipe for buffalo cauliflower and it looks absolutely amazing, I would probably demolish the entire plate in one sitting!

I know what is on my shopping list the next time I go grocery shopping! Cauliflower!!!

This morning after my workout I had a fried egg, a piece of chicken sausage, a slice of 12 grain toast with a laughing cow cheese wedge, and a clementine (love these)! Oh, and a giant glass of milk! I use to hate milk but now all of the sudden I have been drinking it like its going out of style!


Off to continue The Secret Keeper until I have to go to work!

Don’t forget o check out my post about Nature Box! My box should be arriving very soon!!

Early to bed…early to rise?!

Early to bed, early to rise is not the case in my book! I do enjoy my sleep especially when I don’t have to work until noon! Right now, at 8:45pm I am sitting in my bed debating on actually going to sleep but I feel that would make me rather unproductive so I think I will just continue with my book the secret keeper!

I had an extremely short day at work today which is unusual but greatly appreciated! Before I headed to work I had a grilled cheese and a bowl of homemade french onion soup! (I was too hungry to take a pic)

Also, before I headed in to work I had a snack of carrot sticks and spinach and artichoke hummus. I had never seen this flavor before but I had to try it! It is fantastic! I love spinach artichoke cheese dip but this is much healthier!


When I got home I had a similar snack, tortilla chips with the same hummus. The hummus is made by cedars and the chips are made by food should taste good which is one of my favorite brands! They tortillas were olive flavor and they were awesome! I had never tried those either…it was a day of firsts!


Onto dinner, it was totally simple and spur of the moment. I had some left over chicken tenders that I tossed in panko breading and shredded cheese and baked those along with some oven roasted mushrooms, brussels sprouts, and corn. It was all very delicious and simple! I even have plenty leftover for tomorrows lunch!

Excuse the picture I was about half way through before I decided I should take a picture! Also, when I was much younger I loved eating honey on my chicken nuggets, I tried it again tonight and wondered why I ever stopped!

Off to read my book! If you haven’t read the post about Nature Box that I posted early make sure to! Very cool site and if you send me an email I can get you $5 off your first order!

Have you ever tried something again that you use to eat all the time and wonder why you ever stopped?

Nature Box

Yesterday as I was checking through some facebook posts I noticed a sponsored ad for something called Nature Box.


 I clicked the link and read a little more about this company. Basically what they do is send you a box once a month for $19.95 and it include 5 healthy snacks for that entire month! I’m not usually one to buy into anything with a subscription but this has no catch! You can cancel at any time and I thought I would give it a try! 

Here’s a little excerpt I took from there web page:

  • 5 full-sized packages
  • Healthy snacks that taste great
  • Discover new snacks monthly!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, cancel anytime

That being said, Chris and I signed up and picked our five snacks for the month! You can also get a surprise box in which they send out five mystery snacks! 

We chose; sunshine chips, whole wheat figgy bars, all natural yogurt pretzels, pistachio power clusters, and wild berry bunch! I cannot wait to get my first box!! It’s going to be like Christmas Morning! 

If you are interested in signing up for this site as well send me an email at rachel.nichols1@gmail.com and I will send you a link so you can get $5 off your first months subscription!!